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Welcome to my site devoted entirely to my event horses, past and present.

The first horse to make it on this page is "Nick" aka "Relatively Speaking." He is my newest horse and so he gets the front page.


This website would not be possible without the continued, and utterly amazing support of my parents, Sarah and Sandy.

Their generosity coupled with a desire to let me grow in a world of horses, has led to the formation of family wide love and appreciation to the equine universe.

Aspen, Wonder Pony

UPDATE 04/2003
Heya Everyone,

Well its about time, but I finally have gotten around to updating and improving my event horse site!!
Now with that being said lets get to the updates.
Nick aka "Relatively Speaking" is solidly for sale, and has had some interested buyers. It's not finished yet, and as anyone in the horse world knows it could all vanish tomorrow. But the interest in him has been very good. I am hoping that wherever he ends up that he'll be a nice horse for his future owner. He has stayed in Virginia suring my midwestern stint as I saw very little to no market for him to sell in here. And the shipping would have been very expensive. But now I am headed back to him and already loking at a few possible ht's in June in MD and Va. should he not sell before then...
That of course means.....I am needing another horse! Here we go again. I have a lead on a few nice ones, but until Nick sells I can't really do too much. 
Also another change, I am no longer in North Carolina. I am based in Wisconsin now, as in today, but again I am moving!!! Starting May 1, 2003 I will be back in good old Maryland, my home state!!! I have sincerely enjoyed my stint here in the midwest. It's very different from the east and the west. And at the same time a great example of dedicated and tough horse folk. Neither my students nor I missed a single lesson this winter, even when it was 5 degrees!!! I have a group of 4 very hearty students here and they're are a lot of fun.
So thats about all the updates. Oh, the dogs, Toto and Scarecrow say "woof" to everyone who kows them. And of course Starbuck my cat also purrs hello!
Hope you and your critters are doing well. I will try to update again soon!
April 2, 2003