Olympic Short List- Detailed
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Hey gang,
Here is what a quick bit of research has yielded on the backgrounds of the short list riders and horses. In some cases time constraints and the search engines were not cooperating...(Kim on Maguire) I promise to try to follow it up again later.
Also I am working to remedy the background color. It started out dark purple...again.. working on it.
Hope this helps you all to visualize the contenders in 3-D now.

The Short List is as follows: Rolex Results D XC ST   Foxhall Results D XC ST   Other noteable finishes or teams
Nathalie Bouckaert, Chatsworth, Ga., and West Farthing; 7thM 37.4 1.2 18             8th Pan Am CCI*** (1 stop xc), inidividual rider, 3rd Foxhall 2003
Stephen Bradley, Leesburg, Va., and From; 5thM 46 0 8             13th Rolex 2003,
Darren Chiacchia, Springville, N.Y., and Windfall 2; 1stM 40 1.2 4             Won Pan Am CCI***, Ind gold medal, individual rider, 2nd Foxhall 2003 (1st national div)
Will Faudree, Southern Pines, N.C., and Antigua; 10thM 48.6 0 12             6th Pan Am CCI***, 12th Rolex 2003
Holly Hepp, Middleburg, Va., and Damien; 8th 59.4 4.8 0             Eliminated at FH CCI***, 8th Foxhall 2003 (with P. Dutton riding)
Abigail Lufkin, Middleburg, Va., and Kildonan Tug; 3rd 45.8 0 0             2nd place 2003 Melbourne CCI*** w/T. Boland, 4th place 2002 Adelaide CIC** w/T. Boland,
David OConnor, The Plains, Va., and Outlawed;           1st 41.8 4 4   FH CCI***, Withdrew (broke ankle on other horse)
Julie Richards, Atlanta, Ga., and Jacob Two Two; 5th 48.2 8.4 0             Withdrawn Bramham 2003 with K O'C, 26th Thirlstane CIC*** w/ KOC
Kim Severson, Keene, Va., with Winsome Adante and 1st 37 0 0         4   Won Rolex 2002, Team member  6th pl.WEG 2002, Off 2003 due to rider and horse injuries, Won Blenheim 2001 CCI***
Hes Got Rhythm           2nd 44.4 5.2 0   9th 2004 Chatsworth CIC***
Jan Thompson, Purcellville, Va., and Task Force 6thM 52.2 0 4             14th Blenheim CCI*** Fall 2003, 39th Foxhall 2003
Amy Tryon, Duvall, Wash., with My Beau and 4thM 42 3.2 8             32nd Rolex 2003
 Poggio II 11thM 49.2 7.6 4             17th Burghley 2003, WEG team member, finished 45th with bad fall
Heidi White, Chadds Ford, Pa., and Northern Spy 8thM 41.2 13.6 4             24th Rolex 2003,
John Williams, Middleburg, Va., and Carrick.   3rdM 46.2 0 4             4th Burghley 2003, 4th WEG 2002, completed clear burghley and rolex 2001
Anna Collier, Ridgefield, Wash., and Leopold; 15th 57.2 4 8             25th Rolex 2003, Won Galway CCI** 2000,
Abigail Lufkin, Middleburg, Va., and Better I Do It;                     5th 2004 Saumur CCI***
Gina Miles, Creston, Calif., and McKinlaigh; 9thM 47.2 9.2 4             11th Rolex 2003, 2nd Thirlestane CIC***, 3rd World Cup(Pau) CIC***, 25th WEG 2002 Ind. Rider
Karen OConnor, The Plains, Va., and Upstage; 12thM 58.2 0.4 8             6th Rolex 2003, 26th Burghley 2003, 6th Thirlestane CIC***
Kim Severson, Keene, Va., and Maguire;           4th 52.2 4.8 0    
Jan Thompson, Purcellville, Va., and Shared Dreams; 15thM 56.4 6 8             3rd Pan Am CCI***, Inidividual bronze medal, team rider, 10th Rolex 2003
John Williams, Middleburg, Va., and Sloopy.  16thM 60 1.2 16             18th 2003 Burghley CCI****